LOUKATOS DISTILLERY S.A. Spirits & Wines since 1962

50 years of tradition & quality in distillery

Our distillery was founded in 1962 by Loukatos brothers and was one of the first distilleries of both, Patras and Greece.

The initial spirits produced were the traditional Ouzo, Brandy and Tentoura – the famous liqueur of Patras.
Today, Loukatos Distillery S.A. has passed onto second generation who continues the production of the traditional recipes as well as the production of a wide range of new innovated alcoholic spirits and liqueurs and of course great quality wines –such as Mavrodaphne and Muscat of Patras. Maintaining our 50 year tradition in the process and technique of fine distillation, we continuously improve and seek new ways to better serve the premium domestic and international markets.


Building long lasting relationships

We work closely with our partners to understand their individual needs and develop tailored proposals to specific markets and needs. Our distributors. Our priority. Working together, we aim to develop long-lasing and profitable relationships.
Our wines and spirits are exported to U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Middle East ,Suisse and other European Countries such as Germany, England, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Holland and Cyprus.

Recently Loukatos Distillery S.A. was chosen to distill and bottle Ouzo for a large UK S/M chain.

Vision Strategy

Respecting Relationship & Tradition

We strive to produce authentic quality distillation products, to make our products accessible to wine and spirit enthusiasts around the world and finaly create value for our distribution partners and colleagues alike.

Emphasis is placed at continuous training and development of our team, to enhance our capabilities, competitiveness and awareness in a balanced and friendly workplace environment. We invest in becoming even better – in contemporary production, marketing and logistics methods. We love what we do!



Location – Region

Our distillation and bottling take place at the sunny hillsides of Patras -the ancient place of Dionysus worship -the Greek god of grape harvest, winemaking and wine. Patras is a place of fertile land and tradition for distillery and wine making –for the last two centuries the hometown for many world renowned spirit producers.

Located in the Achaia region, Patras is the third largest city of Greece with 300,000 inhabitants. A historic port and link between Greece & Western Europe, Patras is a longstanding hub for commerce and culture.