Actual proof of our hard work

The company has participated successfully in several spirit and wine exhibitions in countries such as Germany, USA, Australia and France. Our products have received high recommendations from famous critics/oenologists. In 2013 we won Gold & Silver awards from credible wine and spirit competitions/challenges. We don’t rest – everyday we strive to improve our production, packaging and marketing efforts to better serve our domestic and international clients.


An eclectic world awaits

The top quality of our spirits position LOUKATOS BROS in the upscale and gourmet markets.

Our spirits are differentiated and enjoy little competition. In addition, most of our products are protected for designation of origin (PDO) and for geographical indication (PGI).Our export activity began 20 years ago –currently we export to USA, Australia, Middle East, Canada and several EU countries such as Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands and Cyprus.In recent times we have witnessed an increasing international demand for our spirits, with requests arriving from all over the world.